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Resume &
Cover Letter


In today's modern job marketplace, your resume needs to be captivating and optimized with keywords, while your cover letter must make an impactful impression. We'll write you a new resume that tells an engaging professional story, highlighting the unparalleled value of your experience, plus it will be ATS-friendly optimized with keywords. Designed to get you noticed more frequently by hiring managers, increasing your interview opportunities. We'll provide you with a cover letter that is the perfect compliment to your new resume. Highlighting you as a top candidate that will immediately add value to potential employers.

Job Search Consulting

Are you a working professional that's ready to find more fulfilling employment, but not sure where to start and are overwhelmed by the thought of spending hours applying to online job postings? A partnership with our job search strategist is a guaranteed remedy for that. We'll develop an efficient and effective job search strategy for you, and will be there to support you every step of the way as you successfully execute it. We'll also overhaul your resume & cover letter, optimize your LinkedIn profile and help you prepare to crush the interview. Let's work together to propel you on the path towards long-term success, enjoyment, & fulfillment.

Modern Job

A vast majority of today's workforce is unprepared to meet the challenges of finding enjoyable and fulfilling employment in the modern job marketplace. Without enduring stress, anxiety, and helplessness. Our Strategic Job Search Workshops will empower job seekers with the tools to facilitate an efficient and effective job search to find the job they WANT not NEED. The one that will propel them on a path towards long-term career success, enjoyment, and fulfillment.  Our workshops are ideal if you're a workforce resource program, career development center, school or group of individuals seeking this particular knowledge.


After several years as a staffing & recruiting professional, and an actual job seeker myself. I came to realize that everyone could use a job search strategist and employment advocate to support them in achieving their employment goals. Someone to help them write an impactful resume and cover letter. Someone to help them conduct their job search and prep for interviews. Someone to talk to and strategize with when things aren’t going well at work. I know I personally could have used all of these several times throughout my career.


After all, the average person will spend 90,000+ hours at work in their lifetime. Achieving long-term career success and enjoyment is what we all deserve and should be striving for. To accomplish this, leveraging previous work experience to level up into new employment opportunities is very important. As such, understanding the basics of resumes, cover letters, job searching, interviewing and career growth is a necessity for every person in the workforce. From this belief, The Modern Job Seeker was created.


Now more than ever, job applications must be completed online and the application process is becoming increasingly more automated. Hiring managers rely heavily on ATS (automated talent software) to source for and engage with qualified candidates. To help you successfully navigate today’s modern employment marketplace, I've written The Modern Job Seeker’s Handbook: Strategic Job Searching. Providing you with valuable insights on executing a strategic job search. Designed to lead you on a path towards long-term career success, enjoyment, and fulfillment. This is our welcome gift to you.


Best of luck,

Norm Williams Jr. |  Founder & CEO


Heading 6
strategic job search



Norm is a godsend. He is beyond organized, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I didn't even have to be in the same city for him to help me out. The best part is that I had multiple job offers within one week of moving to San Diego from the Central Coast! If you're looking for a new job Norm will help make the transition a breeze by handling your entire job search for you.



Having moved to a new city without a job was difficult for me but with Norm's guidance and strategies, I gained so much more confidence in my job search. Not only did I receive a job offer from my dream company (within one month) but I even negotiated a higher salary thanks to Norm's coaching!



I've recently become ready for a new career opportunity. Norm was able to determine the best way to market me to employers. Then in just a few days, he set me up with a customized resume and a targeted cover letter template. I'm really impressed with his work and feel way more confident about my search.



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